How to Survive Sickness

No this is not a advice on how to be a popular teen, this is literally about being sick. The running nose, puffy eyes, and congested chest kind of sick. The kind everyone avoids, unless people try to be sick I hope they don’t, but hey you do you. Furthermore, here’s so advice on how to survive sickness!

  1. Take Medicine

Clarify with your mothers that I am not advocating drugs, okay well I am, but the kind that helps you. So chill. I’ve come to the point in my life where I only down pills and liquid medicine defines desperate times.  I try to take medicine before I get sick to prevent it, course that doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does. The only medicine I truly dislike and only take if its in a pill form is Mucinex. If you have never had, you are lucky. It is literally the worst medicine ever. The last lingers in your mouth, but sadly… it works and is one of the best medicines out there. Too bad it sucks. Medicine is my favorite part of being sick because it makes you feel better so you can enjoy the tv you are watching. Sad but true.

2. Bundle in Blankets

Doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, blankets fix everything. Being sick is time to bundle yourself like a burrito. You can never have enough blankets. They’re warm, soft, fluffy… you get the point. I don’t think I need to explain this one much. It’s a no brainer. Blankets equal happiness.

3. Watching Movies

Being sick is the perfect excuse for binge watching anything. Might as well watch tv if your going to lay around anyways…kidding but still I enjoy a good movie or two when I’m sick. Or just catching up on a tv show I’ve missed. I just curl up on the couch…in a blanket…and clutch the remote. Sometimes I fall asleep when I watch tv, but who doesn’t! Which brings me onto my next point.

4. Nap

Sleep itself is a medicine, and napping is amazing. Who doesn’t need an extra hour of sleep? No one because   you can never get enough sleep. Sleep is beautiful. It’s a state of magic and make-believe. A place where you never have to grow up. I guess sleep is Neverland. A places with no responsibilities, a place of escape and safety. It’s magic and make believe. Maybe that’s why people love sleeping. Of course sometimes I have trouble falling asleep, or “having faith, trust, and pixie dust” (Peter Pan), because my nose is clogged or my head hurts. If you can relate I have a solution, melatonin. Its a sleep aid, you can get it in pills or gummies. There is also a drink for helping you sleep, I’ve forgotten the name, but my family uses the melatonin. They just help you slip into a comfortable coma! If you didn’t get the joke, chill… they just help you fall asleep.

5. Take a Hot Bath or Shower

I don’t like baths, or at least I don’t like my bathtub. However, sickness calls me to the bath. It’s like soaking in a hot cup of tea (Speaking of tea, that’s also nice for when your sick. Any hot drink is really.) That’s actually a gross simile, but you get the point. You could make it a bubble bath or add a bath bomb. I act like I’m cool, but I honestly have never been to Lush. Sure you may be sitting in your own filthy water, but your sick who care? Or just rise off in the shower after. Baths are relaxing and can help decongest your sinuses, if that’s your problem… if not at least you get to relax.

What’s my inspiration for this you ask? I’m sick, big shocker. Stupid weather shifts. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and thank you so much for reading. Subscribing and liking this would be awesome and make me feel better (mentally not physically, I can barley breathe out of one nostril). Plus, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you again for reading! Now I’m off to take some medicine and a hot shower.


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