For the Students

Personally, I’ve never been a student that loves school. I believe the ratio of students who like school to those who don’t, is very high on the dislike side. I know there is a lot to hate about school, that rant could be endless, but instead I’ve decided to give some advice to those people who also find school similar to prison.

  1. Bring Headphones and a Charger

One thing I’ve learned the hard way, is that headphones should never be at home when you’re not there with them. Whenever you need a break, they’re there. Whenever you want to watch your friends snapchat, they’re there. Best of all, whenever the teacher gives a free day, they’re there. Headphones are man’s second best friend, after dogs of course. Plus, whenever you need to tune out, your favorite song is accessible. I always have headphones on me. Which means I use them daily. Even when my phone is dead I still plug them in, especially on the bus. Nobody bothers me. The charger is pretty self explanatory, you don’t want your phone dead.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

I’m no rookie when it comes to not understanding a subject, and being the shy person I am, I never bothered to ask questions. I had this dumb thought that I would be judged. Then I was literally dumb, and barley passing. I know teachers and parents say this a lot, but they’re saying it for a reason. From someone who has personally suffered for not asking questions I’m saying, do ask! It doesn’t have to be in class, you can do it after school or at lunch. Don’t be ashamed! Everyone struggles at something. For example, I love science, and yet I struggle comprehending physics. Irony at it’s best,  ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t matter if your question seems little or dumb, someone else is probably wondering the same thing. Save them the pain of asking. They could be as shy as you.

3. Join Clubs

I love my mom, don’t get me wrong, but when she told me to join clubs I did not listen (I’m a difficult child like that). Of course, was mom right? Always. Not only do clubs look good on college applications, they’re fun. When I finally joined clubs, I was surprised on how many people I knew. It was great! My advice would be to join when the club have their yearly announcement of the first meeting that year, that is personally my ideal time of joining. Once I joined one club, more clubs looked appealing to me. Now I’m a member of three clubs (small amount I know), and I finally feel apart of my school, less like an outcast. I also have something to put on my snapchat! (Feel free to add me @mynika.mynika)

4. Care about your Grades

I feel like a mom with this one (No shade towards the moms. None of us would be here without you, literally. Shoutout to the mom community.). Grades do matter. Yes, I personally know about this one (as you can see my advice comes from my past mistakes). Middle school is the transition years, where I changed from a good student, to one who thought grades weren’t important. I was “too cool for them.” I personally want to go back and slap my younger self. If I hadn’t let my grades slide I could probably be qualified for Yale or Harvard, at least some high class school. Grades reflect you. They show how much you care and how much effort you are willing to give. Personally, I want to be reflected as someone who cares and puts effort to complete my goals because I do now.

5. Take it Easy

I know you’re thinking “I’ve heard this all before” and yet you’ve still read to number five. I just wanted to remind you that school should be fun. Not everyday, I understand those bad days. I mean don’t make school suck. Don’t buy into the negative thoughts and feeling, you may never pull out (another personal experience). “Life is what you make it” (unknown). So make it fun and exciting. School is a necessity, depending on who you ask, but also having fun is a necessity. You can’t just go through life surviving, you need to live.

So thats just a few things I’ve learned, that I wanted to share for those people like me. You don’t have to follow it, of course. I’m not pressuring you or anything. Peer pressure is bad. Anyways, thanks for reading and clicking on my site! I hope you stay tuned or whatever you call it. I don’t really know, but thank you so much for reading!



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