People Who Walk Slow in the Hallways

WHY? Why do you insist on making everyone suffer? It’s not necessary! I don’t think you’re cool, I don’t think you’re a rebel, and I don’t think we’ll be friends. It’s not necessary, it’s not. Why walk slow and make everyone want to run over you, when you could move at a normal pace? It’s not that hard, I promise. You don’t need to go so fast you get a speeding ticket, go with the flow. Why must you resist? Maybe, the school should make two lanes: one for the people who care about others, and those who don’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I get it, I really do. You may have an injury or just want to take your time. Maybe you’re not even paying attention, who am I to know? BUT WHY DO YOU INSIST TO WALK SMACK DAB IN THE HALLWAY? AND WHY WHEN I TRY TO GET AROUND YOU, YOU DON’T LET ME PASS? YOU KNOW I WASN’T TRYING TO INSULT YOU BY PASSING YOU, I JUST SIMPLY WANTED TO GET TO CLASS! BUT NOW, NOW IT’S PERSONAL AND YOU’VE WAGED WAR…you know in my mind. Am I physically going to come at you? No, I’m a small shy person with anxiety. But boy oh boy are we sure dueling in my mind, and I just drop kicked you into next week, buddy boy…Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be that mean, but seriously…pick up the pace.

(Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend anyone, this was just a joke. If you could pick up my dry humor, bravo to you. Also, thanks so much for reading! Feel free to subscribe and follow me on my social media links, I know there aren’t many, but I’m working on it.)


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