my nika

This Should Be Fun


Describing this blog? Gee, let me try and stay modest. My blog is insanely popular (I have three followers and one of them is myself). I’m a comedian at heart, no one comes close to my level of humor (if you consider dry sarcasm and self deprecation humor, then this is the blog for you). My theme? You could describe it as unique, original, a novelty (I was going for lifestyle theme, but my life isn’t that stylish. Is sarcasm considered a theme?). My posts have been viewed so many times, I’ve lost count (Considering I haven’t posted in forever, I have no funny way of denying this, but you can assume yourself that my views are low). My welcome page is so welcoming, it’s like a second home (I wanted my home page to display my posts, but I could never figure out how to do that static font page trick). So yeah, it’s hard to stay modest with a blog like mine. Who can blame me?